Frequently Asked Questions

5 drops under the tongue twice a day, 30 minutes away from anything else you ingest. Work up to that if sensitive.

Yes. Start with one drop and slowly increase up.

Zeolites bind to positively charged substances, which almost always are toxins. Medications can fall into this category and the occasional supplement, so we suggest taking them at least 30 minutes after MP. This gives MP time to fully absorb and travel to its preferred destination while the body isn’t distracted by other food and medication.

Yes. We especially think any of the ZenCleanz kits are great companion cleanses along with the ongoing use of their enzymes. MP will only enhance and make safer any chosen cleanses.

We see the wisdom in also using micronized powder zeolites that have a bigger particle size to target the gut and larger sized toxins elsewhere in the body. Our MasterRestore non irradiated powdered zeolite blended with Fulvic Acid is an excellent choice.

I’ve heard claims it can carry heavy metals: We use Clinoptilolite zeolite, which is the one used for human consumption. Mines that harvest it purify it to render it free of toxins so that it can magnetize positively charged molecules in your body. Additionally, the mine we get our zeolite from goes an extra step and handles our differently to ensure it is not tainted even with diesel fuel fumes. Nevertheless, there are many studies done on zeolite safety and efficacy and not one shows toxicity if using standard parameters.

Three areas are key to making MasterPeace different. 1) The nano range that is achieved due to heavy research and experimentation by Michael Coe, Founder of Phoreus Biotech Nanolabs, is unmatched so that it captures trapped toxins anywhere water goes in the body. 2) Marine Plasma is the lifeblood of the sea and we use the best available. Pairing this unmatched source of 100% bioavailable nutrition with our nano zeolites allows it to strategically grab toxins while nourishing cells. 3) Infusing the final product with the highest frequencies and energetics raises the consciousness of the liquid itself and gives it likely an Ormus-like characteristic that is unmatched.